Monday, March 08, 2004

The roller coaster continues. I am not exactly a happy camper.

Let's count my blessings, in random order, this is not a competition:

Ihath -- In particular for her posts on the Happiness pills and "getting a wife".

Doug's Dynamic Drivel -- I tried to thank him directly, found what I thought was a comment link, typed in my euphoric comments and when I got to post, was told comments were turned off. Ah, well. Thanks for everything, the fun and the seriosity ("Tell Me Again Why I'm Fired") and most spectacularly, for the outer space pics.

Laughing Knees -- His posts humble me to a point where I am ashamed o presume to comment on them, they are so exquisite.

Pinole Creek -- For the fresh air, we just get wind in NYC.

The courage and vital exuberance of Harsh Betty. I know all too well what it's like to have things fall behind a radiator, and fit ten pounds of shite in a five pound bag.

Brad Zellar -- For comforting my own anxieties, allowing me not to feel isolated in there, he writes posts where I often recognize myself and feel, yes, that is exactly how I would have put it, if I had been able to put it that way (as in his recent posts "The Undisputed King of the Divan" and "It's Time To Get Beneath the Wheels").

The Iraquis and the Iranians, for their lessons in sheer courage, grace under pressure, wit and smarts, and their willingness to go out on a limb.

Sale Bete -- For the consistency of his blog, the quality of his prose and photos, the pertinence of his comments, his photos of his dog Betty.

Douze Lunes -- For -- is it his or her -- links?

Call Central Confidential -- For the sheer fun of it.

Stuart Hughes and Mark Morford -- Well, quality and courage, both. Novelty too. Youth and vitality. Talent.

Eeksy Peeksey -- The only person I have ever come across in my life who might just one day convert me to "Less is More", from my habitual "More is More".

I appreciate all my links, but I have a tremendous debt of gratitude to the abovementioned, most especially these past few days.

Thank you. Thank you.

I have a short list of six items to take care of today, it's probably more than I can handle, so I'm off to the races.

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