Sunday, December 14, 2003

Woke up in the middle of the night, with the French radio on. They said Saddam had been caught in Tikrit -- no confirmation yet.

This morning, it was official. I just watched it on the BBC, with full beard which he kept stroking as if it still surprised him.

DNA confirmation? Based on the bodies of the two boys? Well, you read what I thought about that one... I want a good photo of him, in good lighting, full-face: I got pretty good at spotting the "real" Saddam from the doubles.

I mean, in Tikrit... where they have been working the soil over with a fine toothcomb all these months? In a basement? A root cellar? Hum... This takes quite a bit of swallowing.

But I must go. It's time to set off to Flushing Temple, it's snowing, who knows what subways may be not working this weekend. I'll be back later.

If it is Saddam, it's about time. For a moment, I thought we were no longer bothering, just as we seem to have forgotten our old friend [sic] Osama.
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