Thursday, December 11, 2003

Well, that one worked. So, here we go again. Mood's not the same, though. Quite frazzled, in fact.

Let's give old Jacques Chirac's speech one more time. This is part of a speech he made on September 22, 2003 in New York to the United Nations Conference "Against Terrorism - For Humanity". I thought it was very good, and I was able to find the translation into English, while experimenting with Mozilla, which right now is more like Gozilla in my book, because I suspect it's what's bolloxing the blogging.

Terrorism ". . . reveals the evils of our time. It is a feverish expression of suffering, frustration or injustice. When democracy is absent, it usurps the banner of freedom. When social issues become acute, terrorism assumes the mask of justice and solidarity. When a country is under foreign occupation, it unjustly captures the struggle for freedom for its own ends. When a community feels ill-treated, terrorism claims to act in its name.

So we need to take a clear-headed, hard look at today's world.

Terrorism takes as its pretext the frustrations born of unresolved conflicts. I am thinkinng especially of the Middle East conflict which has been the source of suffering, anger and incomprehension among all of the peoples in the region for fifty years now. Only a just and lasting peace can put an end to it." [emphasis added]

Well, I've spent so much time doing and redoing this post that I feel stale. It will have to do for today.
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