Sunday, December 07, 2003

Today was the 20th Anniversary of Myosetsuji Temple in Flushing. What a wonderful celebration!

The weather really did a number on us. The group from Philadelphia were unable to come up, but quite a few members came down from Buffalo and Toronto.

Catherine sang two songs, one in German (Schubert, I think), the other in Italian (Mozart). The tears came streaming down my face, it was so beautiful. I was not the only one, I noticed. She was not scheduled to give an experience, but she did as an introduction to her songs. She told us how five years ago she had moved East from LA, where she had been a producer in Hollywood, and how her whole life had flipped from the moment she connected with the New York Temple. Out in LA, at the time, it was not possible for her to connect to the LA Temple, because it was so far out of town (it has moved since). But she came to New York just as we started daily meetings in Manhattan, so she got involved right from the start. She had never thought she would be able to start a family, and suddenly, she met and married her husband, and immediately they had this really beautiful little boy. She says her whole life has turned 360 degrees around. Her husband and son were not there: the kid is all over the place, these days, but he had recorded a piano accompaniment for her, and the performance was absolutely stunning.

Then, we also had Phebe sing us a Bob Dylan song. She also gave us her experience (inspired by Catherine, she said). She started practicing only two years ago, at a time when her life was closing down and everything was looking bleak and her perspectives were dwindling. Her career has taken a turn for the better, she has a new CD out, her depression has lifted, and she said: "I've been singing this song for years, I now finally understand what it means." It's one thing to hear her on the radio, or listen to her CD's, but it's quite another treat to hear her live. Wow!

Irene did not come. Snowed in in New Jersey, back still hurting, probably unable to dig herself out.

I had a wonderful time, I got to speak to exactly the people I wanted and needed to speak to. Afterwards, I went to Roosevelt Avenue and had a slap up $4 lunch before heading home.

In the evening, I made the $2,000 soup from Suzette's blog link, which got Janna's approval (a first). We had some of Carol's cake for dessert, with rum raisin ice cream and canned pear halves. It was my second, "official" birthday, celebration.

There are a lot of people who think I was born on December 7, asamatteroffact. My father did. He always claimed it was on the 7th that he got the telegram announcing my birth. My feeling was that as time went by, he could have got it right in the end. He had been hiking with his girlfriend in the mountains, I guess, and the telegram was waiting for his return at the hotel in Athens. He didn't see me until I was five months old.

Er.... How come so many people associate me with the "day of infamy"? Er... Don't answer that!
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