Tuesday, December 09, 2003

I've started back on doing security at the Manhattan Temple in the morning, four times a week. It really feels good. I have breakfast, I walk there, I walk back, it's very joyful.

I went to Long Island City to see Kenna the nutritionist for the first of our monthly sessions. I feel good about that, too. She is a beautiful, generous soul, and I am most grateful to have met her. It's funny I did, at just the time I was thinking of changing my whole lifestyle, including my eating habits. I already feel a difference in the way I feel, in that I am totally pain-free for three weeks now. Quite a difference. I talk about it to all my "sick" friends, who knows, we could all do with a little relief. It doesn't take that much effort to obtain a noticeable improvement. Just make sure you keep the balance as alkaline as possible. It works.

I've changed my browser to Mozilla so I'm going through a period of adaptation. I'm also looking into a backup system (it's about time), but I don't really understand the language yet. There's a good one I can download for free, from a source I trust completely, but I'm a little retarded in the understanding department. I will just have to go buy the ink for the printer, and print out a hard copy of theinstructions, and study the whole damn thing before I install it, otherwise it will drive me crazy.

I think I am going to enjoy Mozilla. I already love the name.
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