Sunday, November 16, 2003

Today was the anniversary of my arrival in America. The actual day fell on a Sunday, and it does this year too.

I have several basic anniversaries concerning myself: the date of my birth, the date of my conversion to Buddhism, the date of my arrival in America.

Then, I have the anniversaries of the birth and death of my parents, and certain family members.

After Temple in Flushing, I went to lunch with my friend Irene and her son Andrew: a really good meal (we ordered a little bit too much, because we added little things like scallion pancakes, etc.). I had done memorials for both my parents, and so I felt that I had celebrated my "landfall" in the best way possible.

There was no Alias, the slot was preempted by the American Musical Awards. I came to the conclusion that I was not quite of this world, the only person I really enjoyed was, let's see if I can get his name right, Keith Toby? I think I shall have to check it. I am definitely NOT a name dropper.
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