Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Yesterday was too busy to even make lists, I just got carried away by the clock, only made my appointments and fit in whatever else I could in between.

Riding a sixth avenue bus uptown, as I reached 57th Street and noticed all the changes around me, banks, restaurants, stores, etc., gone out of business since I had last come through, I had a thought for an old boss I used to meet on the street around there, on his way to or from the NY Athletic Club, and I thought "It would be nice to meet Joe on the street". Then I caught myself: not a chance, not while riding the bus.

Later in the evening, as I was standing outside a restaurant on 46th Street, waiting for my friend to show up, suddenly, Joe was there with his wife. I live a charmed life. If my friend had come on time, I would have missed him.

These are strange times. Things look normal, on the surface, but there is an undefinable feeling that something is going on beneath it all which could threaten the whole world, certainly life as we still experience it and enjoy it. I am thinking in particular of Ariel Sharon's visit to India to sell that country Israel's Phalcon early warning radar system, with the US's blessing. Considering the edge India already has against its enemy neighbor, Pakistan, the question comes up whether helping India modernise their military is to deepen the imbalance already existing between India and Pakistan, or whether the purpose is, looking the other way, to improve their stance against China's ambitions. Israel had some time ago tried to sell their Phalcon early warning radar system to the Chinese, but the US had said "No". Quite clearly, the US has its own agenda in the area, which it is using Sharon to implement.

Everything that is being written about Pakistan makes it look as though they harbour, train, support, etc. terrorists of one kind and another, notwithstanding the collaboration of their secret services and the CIA. I have a hunch it is only a matter of time before some catalyzing event will make the US say: Presto! They are part of the axis of evil. By then, the US will have deployed their armies in so many places, the best bet will be to set the Indians to take care of the problem. After all, they are on the spot, they don't need to deploy across the globe, and they have already rehearsed "War Games" a few times with this particular party.

Sharon may be called a "Man of Peace" by Bush, I fear for any place where he sets foot, whether he comes in friendship, or for business, or to attend the Ganesh festival. The peace he has to offer is nothing but the peace of the grave.

Given all the terrible problems India has, with farmers committing suicide in certain regions in droves, because of their crop failures due to drought, poverty, debt, etc., (and this is only one small example of their social suffering), does it make sense to budget another $95bn over the next 15 years to boost the country's arms industry?

But then, who am I to say anything about what some other country is now doing or planning, no matter how counterproductive to the wellbeing of its people, when I belong to America, whose leaders are right at this moment doing their best to destroy the very fabric of all those social services which have been in place since the New Deal to help the American people just... live their normal lives.

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